Sonntag, 4. November 2007

Today at the flea market

I´ve found these christmas goodies! yummy .. yummy ... for making christmas arts!


Sandra Evertson hat gesagt…

Where do you shop?!
This stuff is wonderful and so are your works!
Sandra Evertson

Donna Layton hat gesagt…

Hi Tini!
Just dropping by to see all the pretty things on your blog! You certainly did have a great day at the flea markets! I wish I could come to Germany and join you. FUN.

Barbara hat gesagt…

wunderschön dein Blog! werd bestimmt wieder vorbeischauen! LG Barbara

Rebecca hat gesagt…

Oh my! Everything is beautiful!!!

This helps me to know your style. I will work on your garland right away and I have a few surprises for you!


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